/u/Emperorpenguin5 is a total dick!

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0.7781 Great, found the sexist that probably voted for trump. Get the fuck over it Pornstars aren't all retarded. I can safely say you are though.
0.7555 Well thank you for informing me. I literally do not use this subreddit at all so yeah I wouldn't know.
0.7531 Considering you support that filth filled with Microtransactions and IT DOESN'T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS FOR PVP.
0.7311 It'd be even cuter if his vote didn't fuck us all over.
0.6997 By that logic there's no fucking point in getting good at the game because the game just hands you a fucking win you don't deserve.
0.6705 The game is worth 20 bucks now and hopefully in another year it'll be worth 40.
0.6705 Considering Trumpets love sports I wouldn't be suprised if you have a few shitstains as moderators here that voted trump. TO all the cunts who love sports.
0.6486 And they have the most toxic community of any game. Their popularity stems from holding a majority market share in South Korea.
0.6486 They should have been shown how to play better.
0.6124 Also can you not make Scythes even better by giving them the better damage noseguns?
0.6115 I'm so thankful Rockstar at least put out a full game before letting their publisher rake int he cash from their online community of idiots.

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-0.9456 If Hello Games are trying to not be pieces of shit let them continue to not be pieces of shit. I can't say the same for fucking Bungie who fucked Destiny 1 and Made Destiny 2 even fucking worse.
-0.9432 I blame the moronic consumers who fucking spend hundreds of dollars a day on bullshit. And then get mad at us for calling out their own stupidity.
-0.9245 Filled with absolutely horrible dialogue and weak as hell villains and heroes.
-0.8963 I can't help but notice you have zero evidence to back anything up. Whatsoever. You're still a moron. Edit: Prove to me the difference between the two dumbass.
-0.8577 You're badly brain damaged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufqZTk1D2xE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87IGY2VwSXQ&t=1s Tell me those are all wrong. Tell me.
-0.8555 You can go fuck yourself, just like the fuckers who voted trump can go fuck themselves.
-0.8313 I felt bad for actually torturing a pile of fucking 1s and 0s!
-0.8225 it's about the jackass who is complaining about whores in general.
-0.8093 Takes about a year for a meme to die dude. And that's only if the alt-reich doesn't revive it to flood the internet in unending waves of dimwitted ironic easy to refute bullshit.
-0.7865 No Man's Sky SPECIFICALLY LYING to us about god damn everything.
-0.7717 Fuck off moron.
-0.7574 Hell they can't even fucking defend a sunderer so Wrel gave them a god damn recharging shield!