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0.9656 Haha glad I could catalyze the giggles ;) LOL THANKS FRIEND!!
0.9271 I don't know, but we're hoping he comes around. You suggested a lot of really cool things though, the Wunderlist thing in particular sounds like a really greatl idea, I'll look into that for sure!
0.9237 Also, it might be helpful to take progress pictures of your face once a week, that way you won't miss any changes if certain products ARE affecting your face in any way. I hope this helps!
0.9186 I'm glad you enjoyed my cool and fun sense of humor B)
0.9141 Cheers to feeling awesome :D
0.9042 I'm doing my best to make sure something like the train incident doesn't happen again, because it was pretty awful haha.
0.8987 That's really nice to hear, so thanks for taking the time to comment even if it's really late LOL. I do!
0.8985 FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Also I deeply appreciate the Denko reference and I want you to know that I love you
0.8932 That's super coolio, keep going strong, friend!
0.8918 My current boyfriend actually started dating me just the winter before I started hemp and after revisiting these pictures I'm like wow what were you thinking HAHAHA.
0.8885 Anyways, I was super happy because my skin looked significantly better after only 2-3 weeks.

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-0.8811 Oh man it was all over the place because every time I tried something new I'd panic and stop using it because I was so paranoid about it making my skin worse than it already was.
-0.8774 I just wanted to jump into keto so badly that I tried to ignore the symptoms, which was really dumb.
-0.8271 We even have all the same illnesses and disorders. Anyways, I wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel and I've also been struggling with the same problem.
-0.8126 I'm half Vietnamese, so I was able to speak Vietnamese with the staff, but I look white as hell so most people can't tell I'm mixed.
-0.7717 Nothing worked, and it just kept getting worse to the point that I couldn't go out unless I had piles of make-up on because I was so self-conscious about how nasty my acne was.
-0.7253 I used to use a lot of shitty store-bought cleansers without any improvement.
-0.7096 I felt like an object, but I also felt this strange sense of shame and dirtiness.
-0.6813 I didn't tell anyone about it because it made me feel so weird and wrong.
-0.6697 YOU'RE NOT THINKING RATIONALLY AND YOU NEED TO COME HOME." Fucking pissed me off that my thoughts and feelings were constantly invalidated and written off as "mental illness".
-0.6578 I tried putting salt on everything once I read a little more about why I was feeling so bad but it didn't help very much.
-0.6486 But around the time I started oil cleansing I stopped going outside and tried to stop wearing makeup entirely in case it was aggravating my face.
-0.636 No problem!