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0.9324 You can have multiple buckets with different schedules and growth conditions. The best part of the tent is that it lets you use really powerful HPS lights, which works great in flower.
0.883 CFL will probably work better for this. If you keep the bucket outside also watch out for rain, that could be a safety hazard. Hope you build the bucket, hot peppers work really well!
0.8805 It is a super common issue though, next time go easy on the veg nutrients. Cheers from the south!
0.875 All friends of bucketeers are super welcome.
0.8748 Over these years we've been featured in awesome places like BoingBoing, Inhabitat, Medium, Wired and even the new edition of the Cannabis Bible. Cheers to all!
0.8644 /u/SuperAngryGuy has a strong opinion on this matter :P Cheers
0.8555 Plant looks definitely happy :)
0.8436 I don't have experience with hops, but this is the first time I've seen one in a bucket, so I'm very interested in its progress.
0.8402 It is an awesome species, it seems to be loving its bucket.
0.8384 It is a bit more expensive but it is the most effective solution, the same that tent growers use.
0.8379 I hope you feel very welcome in the community :) As for the flushing, I generally don't do it, but it could be a good idea in your case.

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-0.5574 This is assuming you live somewhere where it is illegal.
-0.5334 Inline fans with filters can reduce it a lot, but they make noise. That being said, as a community we never recommend growing cannabis without everyone involved knowing about it.
-0.4391 I would probably stop training so hard if it is an auto
-0.4149 It is not worth it to put your family at risk over a plant.
-0.3612 I doubt they'll add clickable flair links.
-0.3595 But 35k is no small feat either!
-0.3412 Edit: added the "not safe" flair for this thread
-0.2047 I wouldn't recommend it for a first grow though, it can be a challenge.
-0.2023 No need to apologize.
-0.1761 Really hard to tell right now.
-0.1531 There is no time limit, it is recommended to leave tap water at least 24hs so the chlorine breaks down.
-0.1531 I would flip now, but I tend to be overly cautious