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0.9409 with that body you shouldnt have any trouble finding fun ;) good luck sexy
0.8468 mmm wow that is so sexy.
0.8468 i love your moaning in the vid btw so sexy
0.8225 wow amazing
0.8074 mmm id love to cum all over those gorgeous tits
0.7964 id love to give you another big load dripping off your chin and down on to those amazing tits
0.7783 yes and so would the line of guys behind me that would love to fuck that sexy body
0.7579 mmm id love to explore that and have my own adventure
0.7579 im sure the line that would love to make that happen is getting longer by the second.
0.7269 mmm that looks amazing and i bet it would feel even better dripping down a cock
0.6815 after this pic i almost ;) you are gorgeous

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8625 plus it would be a tragedy to hide that ass from the world in pants
-0.7845 id suck your titties then work my way down to your clit and lick it till your moan drove me crazy and i had to bend you over and fuck you like you deserve.
-0.7506 id finger your ass while i fucked your pussy till i filled it with cum then keep fingering it till i was ready to go again.
-0.656 your moans got me so hard and your dirty talk has me stroking faster and faster
-0.6249 and even better when you bent her over and started to fuck her in the ass while the skirt rode up
-0.5574 suck, kiss, and fuck
-0.5423 a lift and a fuck
-0.5423 mmm o fuck you're gonna make me.
-0.5423 keep them spread while i fuck you
-0.5423 id love to slide my dick between them and fuck your tits till they are covered in my cum
-0.2748 what a good little whore.
-0.1761 i came so hard to you then and after seeing this comment i had to cum back and blow another big load.