/u/Dynamic_P0tato is kind of a dick.

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0.9501 He kinda reminds me of Jorus C'baoth. To OP: congrats on the wedding, may the Force be with you and your wife :) and cheers to your dad and his awesome gift!
0.9045 I'm so excited at the thought of seeing actual items from the movies that made my childhood so awesome :)
0.8658 I love you and this amazing pun.
0.8004 As to your post, there's a very good chance she's interested based on how she interacts with you .
0.7911 Darth Traya was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise she could influence the midichlorians to create...
0.7684 I like both franchises, but r/freefolk is well known for posting GOT spoilers/leaks and I really don't like the idea of season 8 spoilers seeping into r/prequelmemes.
0.7579 Hmmm, love me the smell of a fresh sprog.
0.734 Very good genes, very smart.
0.714 I'd say ask her out and see what happens, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
0.6588 You ask forgiveness, I give you sweet RE-VEEENGE!
0.6486 Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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-0.9287 You'd probably do well to permanently cut contact with both of them - they have no problem with killing your animals or defending said killing of your animals.
-0.8674 I know this hurts, but know this: having no father beats having a shitty father any day of the week.
-0.8641 This may sound harsh, but until you stop interacting with them completely, you will *always* have to deal with this type of shit.
-0.8243 It may be awkward for LO growing up, but at least you and he won't have to deal with constant tension at home in the future, which would cause much more damage.
-0.7906 Bad trolling attempt is bad.
-0.7906 Something you fall into when you try to attack the Death Star II.
-0.7845 Unfortunately she taught her apprentice everything she knew, then her apprentice killed her in a duel.
-0.7845 Even if it were somehow coincidental that your ducks died while he was around, the fact that your bringing up the issue makes him angry is a red flag.
-0.7783 Went NC about 1.5 years ago but I haven't been able to let go of that hatred.
-0.7783 They're just jealous assholes.
-0.6808 *Praetor to ISD* I find your lack of range disturbing.
-0.6597 Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Pentastar Alignment?