/u/Dred-Pirate-Wesley is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9287 That cleavage may be fantastic, but you won me over with those beautiful lips.
0.91 Love to take my time enjoying every aspect of that beautiful body.
0.91 Love those super sexy tan lines.
0.8957 Love to help you out beautiful.
0.8957 I'd love to spend some time taking care of those red beauties for you.
0.886 Love to massage and kiss those sexy soles.
0.8807 Love to help you out and warm up that little hole before we play with it.
0.8658 Gladly spend some time pleasing that beautiful body of yours.
0.8519 We are all here looking to fulfill the pleasure we desire.
0.8271 Wow what a beautiful gal.
0.8225 Love to watch those sexy eyes staring up at me while I plaster your face in cum.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 The things I want to do to that ass will leave you dripping, sore and marked.
-0.6249 Worst case Pegging could go both ways.
-0.5719 No need to feel embarrassed.
-0.5423 Too bad you still have four to go n
-0.5267 Always been a sucker for a proper corset.
-0.4973 Then we don't have to gorgeous.
-0.4019 I could spend a whole night just playing with that ass of yours.
-0.3818 You make it uncomfortable for him around the house?
-0.3182 Now is that the only way that you tease daddy?
-0.1877 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed and not a chance of getting crumbs on the sheets.
-0.1531 No, but I thought about licking my screen.
-0.0772 Mmmm I'm sure we can work out some sort of counseling method See if a reddened ass will make you stay on the straight and narrow.