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0.9299 :) Mainly I'd say, focus on improving the production value, but I think yourself on camera is fine, and with practice you'll just get better and better!
0.9231 But the content is good 2) I agree with spicenice that numbering and titles are good because they give defined boundaries and make watching much nicer in that respect.
0.8858 A mic upgrade would be a good idea, and maybe equalising the audio over the whole video, but pretty good otherwise!
0.8803 1) Your presentation style is good, and if I were a subscriber it would make me very happy to see that video :) 2) Get front lighting if you're against a window, so you stand out more!
0.8602 :D Glad you like it. For the simulation, I used three colour grading nodes.
0.855 :) Thanks so much for this feedback, it is incredibly useful!
0.8481 yay). Thank you so much for your positive feedback - to be called female VSauce is probably the biggest compliment I could receive.
0.8436 It has been very valuable and I think I've been able to implement most of the changes and I like the result a lot better!
0.8271 I think you either want something short and effective 3-5 seconds, and if you want to push it longer, don't go beyond 8 seconds and make sure it is visually interesting.
0.8258 :) You seem to be a frequent uploader, so that's awesome, keep it up!
0.8225 :) As for me, if you're into educational stuff - I'm a science channel - I make short, fun videos about the cool bits of Biology and other related areas.

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-0.5423 Does it sound bad?
-0.4404 :) Interesting - in my earlier videos I combined B-Roll at the same time with me, but was worried I lost detail by making it smaller.
-0.3818 Would you expect to do your trade for no pay in return?
-0.3758 Same with the glasses - though these are antirreflectant so have less distraction than older pairs.
-0.3612 I doubt that 100% of my subscribers have watched all of my videos though.
-0.3595 I might invest in foaming the room to try and avoid the echo. Watching tutorial on compression right now. Also on it for the lighting+distance from the camera!
-0.228 Put in a vignette and softer colours so it doesn't glare as much, add in the green screen prowess and I think it will come out very professional and therefore less distracting.
-0.1511 Sorry for taking so long to reply!
-0.128 I think the metric is that under 20% of regular subscriber engagement is a bad sign.
-0.1232 I'm not sure what editing software you are using, but experiment with different lighting and different settings with your Chroma keyer.
-0.1027 As it is the music verges on overpowering, and without closed captions it can be hard to hear some bits.
-0.0857 It is legible but doesn't have much style to its placement, so it doesn't make me want to click.