/u/DrChadHanzAugustinMD is a total dick!

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0.6908 But I appreciate the honestly, brah.
0.6369 It seems like you would be benefitted from some medical consultation.
0.6369 I still love this place and don't plan on leaving any time soon.
0.6369 This show is still among the best on television.
0.6249 Good job on creating some unlistenable garbage.
0.6124 It's a natural part of institutions like reddit.
0.5859 The man deserves a world of credit for creating a world that's allowed a myriad of people to immerse themselves in through multiple mediums.
0.5423 Anywho - I originally was going to hold out on watching the show out of loyalty to GRRM.
0.4767 I never claimed to be a fookin' wise man.
0.4497 It was, but it had to expand immensely simply to feed American serviceman.
0.4404 But as an esteemed doctor whose writing saves lives every day, I'd rather drink a cocktail of antifreeze and cyanide than read your writing again, /u/HeywoodJublowmi.

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-0.9161 The United States was critical in World War 1, but there were a lot of factors that led to the German collapse outside of the American entry into the war.
-0.9042 The population was starving, the country could not feed itself, and there was a growing resentment about the Government's failure to provide a quick end to the war.
-0.886 You brushing off the negative sentiment on the German Homefront illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of latter events of World War 1.
-0.8402 Germany was also facing a crisis in supplying its armies with sufficient metal for the war effort.
-0.836 In 1917, Germany had experienced a disastrous winter which had wiped out its crops and devastated its food supply .
-0.8316 In the face of this dire situation, Germany turned its focus to a desperate offensive, Operation Michael.
-0.8032 Brutal criticism from someone who can't construct a sentence.
-0.7906 Fuck yourself with a tire iron, you syntactically challenged dipshit.
-0.7845 Holy fuck you all are stupid.
-0.765 Shut the fuck up, you uneducated dipshit.
-0.7351 This document details how Britain's blockade and imperial holdings of much of the world's food supply was the primary reason for the German loss in World War I.
-0.7269 The hope was that this would devastate its food supply early in the war.