/u/Donaldjohntrump2016 is kind of a dick.

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0.765 Huge improvement over Ontario's nanny state solution.
0.743 Congratulations, you played yourself.
0.7096 Haha, good one.
0.6908 No funny like a comedian, I hate it when people try to make me laugh.
0.6705 Yeah man, free the sewers bro.
0.6597 I Guess i'm in the minority that like Matthew better.
0.6486 He seems like a nice guy to have a bear with.
0.6486 They look like pigs lol.
0.6249 Milk and cereal, they go great with each other.
0.6124 He is One of the smartest Americans that will have ever lived.
0.5994 This song helps me calm down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPRA0W1kECg

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-0.8658 Fuck off you dumb whore, I'm trying to play minecraft.
-0.8555 I'm just trying to stop people animal abuse and people are attacking me.
-0.8555 Racist and evil.
-0.8383 I can't be friends with people that are either too stupid or immoral to be against animal genocide.
-0.7906 Moon landing being fake, 9/11, and the JFK assassination are all real.
-0.7906 First we got these shitty wooden chairs that hurt your back because it "was proven to make employees work harder" or something.
-0.743 No walking is the worst rule at my work.
-0.6808 Reddit is controlled by Soros agents that censor anything they disagree with.
-0.6808 The poorest people always benefit the worst from climate change.
-0.6696 Liam neeson was so bad in schindler's list he made the movie unwatchable.
-0.6597 Sad that we live in such a anti vegan world.
-0.6093 oh no, i'm not brave enough for politics.