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0.8979 Looks like a fun safe place all the family can enjoy.
0.8934 I'm like that as well I love a good series.
0.8573 100% TKL. Thanks not a bad idea with the CM Masterkeys Pro, I don't mind customising at all, so I'm going to start pricing things as the size and look of that is about perfect
0.8555 Any loss events you feel but the story/life continues so you don't feel it as keenly. For me it's easier to say goodbye to characters and worlds if I've a better sense of them.
0.8442 I get onto live support and within minutes I get quick, excellent help and a partial rebate of 60. Money was added to account a day or two later.
0.8087 I would love for her to be able to experience it in her own time, take in all the sights and watch this interesting game develop.
0.8074 Yeah, sounds pretty good
0.7906 Have to say taking down 5 armed people in dayz with a sledgehammer was pretty amazing.
0.7717 Added, if you see what types I have would be grateful if you told me, should only be 2/3 as only got X & Y with gf to celebrate end of exams Friday last.
0.765 Would still love to play it.
0.7644 Looks pretty damn good, keep up the good work!

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-0.7717 Stay out of Red AoE markers in most games. Stay in the red damage area and your gonna have a bad time.....
-0.6908 Sure no problem, whats wrong with my flair?
-0.6486 Am tired, read title as candles, came here wondering why children needed fire, string and wax...
-0.5384 Did exactly the same thing, grabbed a Dragon King and SO got a Lonely Tree.
-0.5367 It was prepurchase so just an inconvenience, still weird though, now someone always keeps shopping trolley in sight.
-0.5267 I nearly stayed on the bus and missed my stop just because at times I couldn't put the book down.
-0.4767 Something must be wrong with me, I binged through most of his videos.
-0.4767 Perhaps by accident his ascension to PC Master Race has begun.
-0.296 I missed that he was Euron too.....
-0.296 Light comes on in brain and I realise about missing code.
-0.1531 I've been trying to get one with all those features and some programmable keys, but seem to be having a hard time.
-0.1475 I've never had something solved so quick and stress free when it comes to online shopping in my life.