/u/Dkpminus is kind of a dick.

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0.8788 Freedom of speech means FREEDOM of speech.
0.8555 If you think there should be less humans, go find the nearest tall building so we all can gain a greater fondness for gravity.
0.8381 He is definitely a conservative, but he pretty much just allows those who on the opposite political spectrum to have a place to share their views with a conservative market.
0.7469 Not only is the latter more likely to "catch more flies", but it makes the cooperation motivated by compassion instead of guilt.
0.7264 While this is absolutely true, it looks as though it WAS politically motivated from his social media.
0.6757 Please don't let this opportunity pass you up.
0.6597 Even as someone who has lost a child, I understood those who didn't know what to say were just trying their best to comfort.
0.6369 I'd say it fits perfectly with the "diversity" model in colleges, which is code for "less white people".
0.6369 Course I love white people too.
0.6369 I love black people and am white.
0.6369 I love reasoned debate.

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-0.9595 I'm not saying I hit every shot, but I've done research on how many shots it takes to kill with each gun and my blood/shot indicators are often 2-3 times the required to kill even lvl 3 armor.
-0.9062 But what is the point of passes "Hate Speech " laws , when harassment and incitement of violence are already against the law?
-0.8934 Just that when people say criticism of a religion equals racism is moronic.
-0.8658 Um...we had a civil war to end slavery in the midst of an almost completely unregulated capitalist economy.
-0.8658 As long as there are no petitions for violence, or other criminal activities, any organization should have a right to community and assembly.
-0.8555 Except raping a child is illegal.
-0.8519 If you make a website facilitating child rape, you are facilitating something illegal.
-0.8519 He not only did not break the law, but would have been guilty of criminal negligence had he done nothing.
-0.8503 So if killing Nazis is a-ok in your opinion, would killing other supremacists be alright as well?
-0.8271 But to say that their ridiculous ideas gives people the right to attack them is just wrong.
-0.8034 Are you saying that this attack was a result of the people who were fired at?
-0.7964 I'd say lifelong imprisonment, which could be argued as torture...especially for an innocent person, is much worse than death.