/u/Dizzy_zentcha is very positive!

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0.8883 He's adorable and that was a great video, tell him to keep up the good work!
0.8832 Wow this is a huge giveaway, thanks for the chance!
0.8807 You're kind, giving spirit and incredible juice mixing skills make you the prettiest of all the other vendors.
0.8655 Best part of summer was the weather, I fucking love the sun
0.8612 I'm really starting to love rdta's and that Azeroth looks awesome.
0.8481 This is amazing, thank you for doing good this.
0.836 Keep in mind that everyone has their moments of "I wish I looked like them" even the people you think look perfect.
0.8353 *: I think BB should be offered year round because pumpkin is an amazing flavor that shouldn't be restricted to one season every year...I may be a pumpkin addict
0.8313 This is awesome, congrats!
0.8313 I know how awesome that's gotta feel, congrats man!
0.8313 This is awesome, congrats man!

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-0.8519 Also I'm sorry about your dad's ignorance, sometimes family members take your transition as a personal attack on them and say/do hurtful things as a result.
-0.6688 Give me cereal fiend or give me death!!
-0.5994 I only have two regrets, not figuring it out sooner and obsessing over passing.
-0.5859 The first guy obviously had issues with his sexual identity and made you feel like shit instead of dealing with his problems.
-0.5848 Keep it up FDA, you're one bad Mutha!
-0.5809 If so that's the problem, some people have trouble keeping genders straight when they've known you pre transition.
-0.5574 Anyone else hear Red from that 70s show say dumbass while watching this?
-0.4973 Don't let people's thoughtless actions and insecurities become a burden for you to carry.
-0.4497 I've been looking for the spelling in both Greek and Latin but got confused in the process.
-0.4404 My local usps is notorious for "losing" mail for a few days so it should be here soon.
-0.34 Unfortunately for me, I've always been the heavy lifter in my house .
-0.34 No one gives me yellow smiley faces :(