/u/DistantLover143 is very positive!

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0.9618 The thong splits those buns perfectly, nice toned sexy back and love the look at your gorgeous breasts from the side.
0.9571 Love thinking about those hard excited nipples underneath, the nice roundness of your tits filling those hands, that super sexy warm smile.
0.9545 well sounds like those soccer parents need to lighten up a bit ;-) Love to see you shift those sexy hips to the side and show off those fine thighs and gorgeous tits!
0.9522 you sure did, that is one gorgeous ass and a nice firm smack on those buns would be such a treat ;-) So welcome, love the views from you ^
0.9509 Love the sultry bites on the shirt, the tease of your gorgeous tits, the nice views of your gorgeous buns in that black form fitting pants....yesss ^ Great views to wake UP to this a.m.
0.9468 Love the hand reaching under and up in the 7th picture, Spidey doesn't know what's about to happen haha Love that 6th shot from the side too, those buns and back look so hot in that view.
0.9463 The warm lovely smile, the peek at your sexy boobs, soft sensual "clavicles" and shoulders, the fishnets clinging to your legs.....can't get enough of the way you play in these ^ TY
0.9444 I am sooo curious what that looks like from the back ;-) TY for sharing, super hot to see!
0.9393 The tatt work is amazing and beautiful and love how you tease what could be the full view of your gorgeous breasts.
0.9378 yesss, love the sexy flash/peek on the left side ^ Your tits are so sexy Cora, great way to start this Friday morning
0.9364 hope its a great one and i love your "outfit" :P

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-0.6845 ^ this shit right here, I literally just laughed so hard I cried a little bit^ you rock Green!
-0.6841 I am taking notes, doing my research and studying HARD for that fine/sexy ass
-0.5754 That booty view in the last shot........SO DAMN HOT!
-0.5147 because I am LOST!
-0.2003 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is f'n tough!
0.0 Such an erotic/sexy morning shot.
0.0 What a view!
0.0 I hear you Rainbow, I've always wondered why someone wouldn't just focus on what's in front of them, instead of ask for something that is not.
0.0 did the message come with a secret decoder of some sort?...
0.0 Those sculpted/smooth thighs are stellar too.
0.0 What a capture ^ I do believe Mr.
0.0 yesss, "marker" *wink