/u/Diskobeep85 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9136 Olalala Thats just amazing wonderful I love that
0.9039 Olalala sexy cute butt!! I love it
0.9022 I'm glad you found the courage to post those pics. You look sexy and seductive... Keep on posting, i would like to see more from you
0.8979 Please keep sharing lovely pics :) You made my day
0.8807 Olalala sooooo seductive Lovely smile too Beautiful
0.8772 I love your pics!! Keep them coming! You look gorgeous
0.8442 My pleasure I hope to see more pics of you like this
0.8271 Yiu have a pretty nice bush. I wish i could bury my face in your hairy bush
0.8011 Those panties are lovely!! Nice bulge too
0.7906 You look amazing pretty in those clothes Cavt wait to see more
0.7906 Ooooooh my goodness you're gorgeous

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 No doubt you are
-0.4215 Ill take you in my arms tonight
-0.2444 Sexy ass!!!
-0.2411 I wouldnt mind Please go ahead
0.0 Those curves those legs Youre really seductive
0.0 Shall I put on panties too, for you?
0.0 I'll cum and get it!!!
0.0 Cant wait seeing more
0.0 Wanna soap me body?
0.0 Absolutely
0.0 Why not both
0.0 I just need you