/u/Dirdy is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Pretty sure that type of play is legal actually.
0.765 Plain black or dark navy would look great, also consider tying something like an oriental knot with the way the shirt looks.
0.7269 Draft is rich in safeties.
0.6369 perfectly executed repost
0.5859 wow thats airbrushed...
0.5345 Maybe a homer but JT, DT, Clady, Vasquez are elite in my book.
0.5207 One play seldom loses a game
0.4939 If that shop is expecting to sell that 50 dollar bill for 50 dollars then 30 dollars is actually a pretty reasonable price.
0.4902 Just ask him, this post is a couple of years old so he'll surely have your answer.
0.4588 Vi kan ju givetvis hoppas att det stod 7-0 :)
0.4572 Don't be so sure

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-0.8718 This post is so bad it gave me cancer.
-0.8172 Who the hell is upset about that?!
-0.7425 "No more bullshit"
-0.7351 fucks wrong with those judges?
-0.7329 It's not that he didn't do an amazing job, he was terrible at everything except maybe pass-blocking.
-0.7205 these are not fantastic, these are terrible.
-0.6908 When you're all out of arguments, resort to attacking your opponent's irrelevant flaws.
-0.6908 The FB post is a obviously a troll post and people who pointed that out here are getting downvoted? Kill yourselves.
-0.6597 There are a lot of evil corporations out there.
-0.6476 And what a travesty that he did, he shouldnt even have a top three finish.
-0.6369 Lot of pissed of vegans here....