/u/Didyouhavedoit is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 FO4 would have been better altogether if it wasn't by shitty Bethesda and it didn't suck and ruin lore.
0.8481 i played ds1 and ds2 before ds3 and ds3 was super easy.
0.8353 Why would I take part in a game of ball kicking when I can commit to video games, something that I will say is much more intellectual than that of kicking a ball around in the name of entertainment!
0.8271 You said "in my mind" so it's a subjective claim but OP's statement implied objectively because he didn't say "I think Wrex is better" he just states that Wrex is better.
0.8138 Would be true if Black Beard didn't have such a shitty special.
0.7887 Well good luck with not being a true fallout fan.
0.7707 "We'll help ya-" "Thanks man!" "onto the beach, we need everybody's help" "No please!"
0.765 He didn't say In my subjective opinion Wrex is better, he said Nope, Wrex wins.
0.743 Wow a lot of people on reddit must like their dad's more because there's so much father's day posts.
0.7177 I personally like the ending so yes.
0.7096 Glad to see were making good use of the uplifting news subreddit.

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-0.9543 You're a fucking retard just because he frustrated doesn't mean he doesn't love his kids you stupid fuck.
-0.9201 Also shitty red hair and your husband looks like an ugly fucker with his stupid glasses.
-0.891 What ever you stupid dirty nigger.
-0.891 Ugly ass bitch.
-0.8453 Also you're probably going to get some kind of rectum flesh eating disease cause you're a little nigger faggot.
-0.8316 Fuck your mother's in the mouth nigger.
-0.7964 That is one shitty ass tattoo.
-0.7906 Did you fuck Jeffy in the ass?
-0.7876 "I want to actually make money on the thing I spent time and money to make but I can't because my industry is being fucked in this scenario"
-0.7783 OP probably sits at home all day playing games and watching anime all day and is confusing his mothers frustration with emotional abuse.
-0.7778 [Oh so something ugly like this] *EDIT* Ya'll ugly niggas need-a get some taste.
-0.765 You think New Vegas is better than 2 lol wtf is wrong with you faggot.