/u/Diactylmorphinefiend is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Finding that happy median is tough sometimes and my boss never yells at me for taking too good care of my tables.
0.7506 If they don't live in a metro area like Birmingham Huntsville mobile or Montgomery there is a good chance of them being inbred Hicks.
0.7184 Freedom is in retreat.
0.7096 Our missle defenses are unreliable at best
0.6901 Like it or not Alabama athletic department is highly profitable compared to uab.
0.6901 You guys drew a very favorable schedule that is for sure.
0.6705 Are there like prizes for the trivia games or anything?
0.6369 I love mazzy star
0.6369 Love that song
0.6369 But drinking lots of water is your best bet.
0.6369 My best advice is to buy a drug test tomorrow and take it tomorrow night to see if you pass it or not.

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-0.891 I'll leave the medical stuff to people more knowledgeable but I just watched my grandma battle a similar cancer.
-0.872 I failed at rehab multiple times I failed at jail multiple times I failed at Suboxone multiple times.
-0.8402 It will be painful and your going to feel helpless and defeated.
-0.8126 His son died at the training camp ffs.
-0.765 I've failed tests I should have passed and passed tests I should have failed.
-0.765 Damn going to rehab in that situation would of been disastrous.
-0.7498 I've been off heroin for 28 months but things still feel really meaningless to the point where I am thinking about relapsing.
-0.7184 I don't think you will have too much problem with pain control.
-0.7088 You should get the hell out of Dodge!
-0.7003 No shit sherlock
-0.7003 Damn Dori shits going sideways for you huh?
-0.6972 Ehh I'm on methadone so it's not like I'm really suffering or anything.