/u/DetectiveKnight is a total dick!

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0.6705 I remember this being played at my school, friends and I seemed to be the only ones who realized it was inappropriate.
0.6369 Cool thanks, switching now
0.5719 Yeah, You like that?
0.4576 /r/GifRecipes is more active
0.4404 Is it good?
0.4404 Is uBlock better than adblock plus?
0.4215 Quicksilver is Marvel and The Flash is DC.
0.4019 Found it, here it is for anyone interested http://i.imgur.com/hvZcYE9.jpg?1
0.3612 You like that?
0.3612 I could have sworn I saw this exact post like a week ago...
0.3612 He is shooting .22s, If he was shooting like a 5.56 or something, they would be way faster

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-0.9287 Wait, is the GIF fucked up or is my graphics card about to die? EDIT: Nvm apparently its fucked on Firefox
-0.8268 Fucking hell dude, I'd be pissed, did you have any security cameras or anything?
-0.7964 That would fuck shit up
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with people
-0.765 Fuck, that was actually sad
-0.7003 So you would just assume the suspect isn't shooting after you hear a shot being fired?
-0.6908 Or a terrorist?
-0.6908 Just kill her...
-0.6901 Fucking faggot
-0.6659 Yeah actually it does, a tank is a fucking weapon of war.
-0.5994 That makes no sense for the officer to lose his job over that
-0.5859 Most martial arts teach people to run if they ever encounter a someone with a knife because if you slip up once, you die and it is pretty damn hard to defend against someone with a knife