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0.9178 I really like the game, it is simple, wonderfully animated and addictive and really fun to play.
0.9136 This video is just pure win, I love the artistic style and animation and it mixes with the music beautifully.
0.8481 Thank you for showing how the guys behind the game play like champs.
0.8338 If you want to read about fairytale characters in mental institutions you should try out Everafter by Endling, It hasn't been updated in ages, but it's a good read and the art is really good.
0.8074 Would love to try it out with a couple of friends.
0.807 Hoping for the best!
0.8016 So, my question is rather simple, what is your hat size? I'd also like to thank you for all good you have done for the world!
0.7959 Now we can just hope that they do one for every new champion!
0.7901 But you haven't seen the last of me!" Happy drawing mate :)
0.7184 Power I get is always good and as I, like many others, prefer to use a staff condition damage is a sure fit.
0.7096 Thanks mate :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6444 So far I've lost about 6 hours to the game, and I expect to lose even more tomorrow.
-0.5423 http://ea.snafu-comics.com/?comic_id=0 - Comic hosted on Snafu.
-0.4391 I've never seen him more annoyed.
-0.2944 I have a friend who absolutely hates Ryze and refused to buy him at all costs.
-0.2732 The reason for the set was because no matter how much my school tried to contact you, they did not manage to get your hat size.
-0.2516 Mindcrack has been around for a while now, and one of the most prominent features of it has been the prank wars.
0.0 So, deafness a new trait?
0.0 Considering the comment at [0:57] in the video.
0.0 I haven't managed to make one yet, how does it work?
0.0 http://endling.deviantart.com/gallery/168300 - Endlings Everafter Deviantart gallery.
0.0 Looking forward to it!
0.0 [Pool party!!!]