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0.9448 :) I'm actually looking for Beau for my best friend, she very recently got into New Leaf after lots of begging from me, and she's totally in love with Beau!
0.9315 :D Thank you so much, especially for the accent variation! Please inbox me if you'd prefer Reddit Gold or $5 paypal/amazon :) Thank you!
0.9299 Super delicious and easy to make :) You will need an immersion blender though! [Here's the recipe I use]
0.9141 :D I use two simple brushes, for the two different colors and attempt blending with my fingers, haha -_-; I'll use a clean brush next time :)
0.8894 That looks so amazing, great job!
0.8757 :D Oh yes, a piece of art or a print signed by the artist is always a plus :) Makes it more personal I think!
0.875 :) Have a great day <3
0.8436 Oh wow, your voice is absolutely perfect!
0.8356 Wow that looks amazing!
0.8258 The tic-tac-toe idea is really awesome :)
0.8201 I can't trade you any villagers but I have bells and furniture sets if you're interested :)

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-0.6476 Whoops, no worries!
-0.5707 Yeah, and then the hair spider dries and falls to the floor of the tub in a gross mess!
-0.4767 It ended badly between them.")
-0.4199 As /u/Seaofechoes said, that is ridiculous!
-0.3595 I'm always worried about how foundation goes on!
-0.3328 D: I don't think I'll be awake at 8pm your time unfortunately :(
-0.3164 Haha no worries!
-0.2942 My mom bought several of them years ago and gave them to family and friends but her own got lost during moving!
-0.25 No worries :)
-0.1511 Sorry about that!
-0.1027 5/5 Let me drop off Katie, even though she lost her ticket :) http://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/2a2suw/lf_a_town_for_katie_to_visit_ft_basket_of_perfect/
0.0 You can see youtube videos of glasses with and without the coating, there's a big difference.