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0.9437 You honestly haven't disappointed since you started posting, and seeing your face has made everything you posted prior even better than it already was. That bonus pic in the comments was great, too.
0.9091 This is pretty damn sexy. I have a feeling your best of outdoor album is going to be great just going by this alone.
0.891 I'm sure anything you'll do will turn out great, Red. I'd love to see you in motion, either a gif or a video more often, though.
0.8748 Love the shots where you can see a lot of your sexy features really well, Tiff.
0.8688 Looks really good, but let's be honest here, you can pull off any color with a body like that.
0.8473 I didn't want to jinx it and congratulate y'all on the win since there was about 4 minutes left when I originally commented, ha.
0.8126 Are you planning on getting some, because that outfit is going to be successful. Then again, an outfit is only as good as the body underneath, and damn if yours is anything but fantastic.
0.802 No better way to embrace the freedom than an album showing off what you have, right? Fuck...
0.7964 A best of album of sorts is always good with you involved.
0.7778 You came out really good in this shoot. [This] shot right here reminds me of one of my favorite photos by one of my favorite posters.
0.7717 She's amazing, and those gifs are even better with y'all in motion.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7807 It's so difficult to resist pointing out your legs in any post where they *clearly* steal the show, but hot damn, look at those gams!
-0.6808 You'd make one hell of a little spoon, Cosmos.
-0.6808 that's tempting as hell.
-0.5983 Holy shit, Cosmos!
-0.4767 Would've been a shame to not see any more of you, Vibes.
-0.4391 Oh sweet baby jesus, it's those blue shorts again. Fucking hell, Lootz...
-0.4201 I highly doubt Mrs.
-0.3818 You in a tight, striped dress *never* disappoints.
-0.3412 Droughts are never any good.
-0.3291 This particular POV always delivers, but hot damn Lootz, the quality of your videos is always top notch.
-0.3182 Now *that* is how you tease a new album. I'm so looking forward to seeing the rest, Mrs.
-0.3182 Hell of a way to show your appreciation.