/u/DeathBeforeOrdinary is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 Thanks for sharing, happy to confirm it looks cute.
0.8765 Didn't ask but will gladly accept your help.
0.8519 Definitely like it and hope you share more.
0.836 I love pjs and those are perfect
0.8225 I love you enjoying yourself.
0.765 Happy birthday to you and thanks for making my day.
0.7645 Love 35..it's treating you very well
0.7579 Should fade nicely to a rich tan.
0.7579 Thanks for keeping the dream alive.
0.7351 Hope the one you're with appreciates what they have.
0.7096 You are cute and thanks for showing off.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Hate to see you go.
-0.5423 I consider myself an ass man and yours is spectacular.
-0.5122 You have no reason not to like it.
-0.4215 Ill wait patiently.
-0.3182 I could get lost in fantasy looking at that pic.
-0.296 No panties is a fantasy and constant wonder when seeing a woman wearing a dress or skirt.
-0.25 Who left you alone?
0.0 The horny woman at work is such a turn on.
0.0 You make me look around my office and wonder who she could be.
0.0 I was planning on going to sleep early tonight.
0.0 Guess that wont happen waiting for more pics.
0.0 So many tangents....