/u/DeathBeforeOrdinary is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9136 Happy almost Friday to you too. Great angle and all beautiful.
0.9081 Thanks for sharing, happy to confirm it looks cute.
0.8765 Didn't ask but will gladly accept your help.
0.8658 Gorgeous and thanks for sharing.
0.8519 Definitely like it and hope you share more.
0.836 I love pjs and those are perfect
0.8225 I love you enjoying yourself.
0.765 I would love to play.
0.7644 God I love NASA!
0.7579 Should fade nicely to a rich tan.
0.7579 Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 I consider myself an ass man and yours is spectacular.
-0.4404 Id tease you with slightest touch of my hands and cock.
-0.4215 Ill wait patiently.
-0.34 Im drunk and looking at a pic of your bra.
-0.3182 How can you be ignored?
-0.296 No panties is a fantasy and constant wonder when seeing a woman wearing a dress or skirt.
0.0 Intriguing.
0.0 The subtlety is most arousing.
0.0 Anyone that claims others will be in the extremely small minority.
0.0 Her mind must be filthy.
0.0 You look over dressed.
0.0 Made my afternoon.