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0.8887 It looks like the main viewers would eventually be a pretty young or pretty old audience which is kind of a funny area to work in.
0.8858 I've you gave the viewers a quicker way to see how awesome you are, I think you could do super well!
0.8739 Your videos are pretty long, so maintaining high energy is pretty vital to lock in that viewer retention.
0.872 I'm currently mg2 and quite rusty, but I'd love to play
0.8615 I really like how you seem like you're really enjoying your time with the games and your channel!
0.8555 I love the channel art and theme and I love your screen presence.
0.8555 [Story] I wouldn't say this is the best article to use, but I'd love to see some extra coverage on Gary Johnson.
0.8516 I'd love to win a key!
0.8481 I hope the Best Buy returns go well
0.8356 I've been super happy with it!
0.8221 Thank you to the law for giving me inspiration!

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-0.7088 I've never played skyrim so that'd be sick!
-0.5994 I know that I'm not learning anything, that I'll get a low grade in the class, and I will regret that in the future.
-0.5255 That's terrible!
-0.5233 Once again, I could totally be wrong
-0.4215 Ugh I'm so sorry...
-0.3612 I'm going to look into what YouTube classifies as spam for when YouTubers report comments
-0.3472 at least I can't discern my tears from the shower water so I can't tell how much I'm crying
-0.3048 Time-Out: all enemies within a small radius are frozen, BUT while they are frozen you move slower as well leaving you more vulnerable to enmities outside of the blast radius.
-0.296 No, that's Snart
-0.25 Does anybody think this would also lower the discounted student price of $4.99 a month?
-0.1531 :/ Like I seriously feel for you
-0.088 I love the price already, but wouldn't be opposed to a drop!