/u/Dead_painter is very positive!

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0.9153 Awesome, thanks for sharing :)
0.9118 There was definitely something about her attitude that I loved too, I'm glad it came through in my piece :)
0.91 /u/masterselleck, I love the crosshatching, and the eyes and mouth are pretty great.
0.9022 Love /u/adjective_'s piece; great lines and nice job keeping it simple.
0.886 anyway, I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the Instagram/Twitter shout out :)
0.8846 really like seeing your planning and structure in the ink drawing, but the palette and shading in the color version works perfectly as well.
0.8739 I really appreciate your comment too, you're very kind :)
0.8553 [Nice photo!] Thanks for including your hand :)
0.8519 Great expression and I love your lines.
0.8481 Awesome reference, great light and you included your feet.
0.8478 Excellent work, I love your subtle twists!

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-0.6652 I posted a couple like that, but it messed with my sense of order, having non-square previews on my page :/
-0.4767 I hear that they are rather dangerous.
-0.4341 I was on vacation and not checking Reddit, so I missed this.
-0.3595 Somehow I have missed your submissions on RGD!
-0.34 I took way too much time painting this while being continually distracted going out to eat/shopping/watching movies.
-0.296 I used edgier/messier lines to create an angry look.
-0.2411 I'm not sure what I would do if I encountered a kangaroo in my yard.
-0.2023 you're eyeing an adversary from across the ballroom at an international gala.
-0.1759 Hard for me to resist [reflections!]
-0.077 Hey /u/joe12south, your link to Instagram is broken Very nice work, by the way!
0.0 You are correct.
0.0 [Here are a couple of process captures] from the artist's ArtStation page.