/u/DeadT0m is very positive!

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0.9222 One lucky fan, but then we're all pretty lucky to get to see this ;)
0.9127 I certainly won't say a word, but I'd love to join you sometime ;)
0.9118 Great little series from start to finish, I definitely wish I could join you ;)
0.9068 hope you're enjoying it, I surely am :P
0.9001 Also, hooray, more Fia booty is always welcome, as are the rest of your lovely bits ;)
0.9001 Definitely a great set, love those panties.
0.9001 A perfect way to celebrate the holiday ;)
0.8986 Wish I was that friend, or even better, the cameraman :P
0.8957 <3 Hi back :) Glad to see the new subreddit's up and looking good.
0.8885 Good lord that is a hot set, love the jewel, it suits you ;)
0.8792 I love a good butt, and I've said this before, but it bears saying again and many more times, yours is a very good butt ;)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 Seen the vid already, but I'm upvoting and commenting because DAMN that ass.
-0.7506 Oh hell the fuck yes.
-0.5671 well, there's a few things I want to do with them, but I won't say a word :D
-0.5667 Check out Metropolis if you haven't yet, definitely worthy of it's status as classic sci-fi
-0.5574 His normal role being that of an unkempt, balding fatass who makes a living passing off crappy tabloid headlines as news.
-0.5216 Nude or not, I love looking at you.
-0.4939 He could just be a total moron.
-0.4767 Now now, no need to be demanding, you'll get plenty of attention down there, in time...
-0.4404 Good riddance, one fat, lazy idiot down, at least a dozen more to go.
-0.4215 You want constructive conversations, you're in the wrong place.
-0.34 I mean, it doesn't automatically mean that he's a jerk.
-0.2732 Dangerous is a matter of perspective ;)