/u/DeAx760 is very positive!

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42Overall Score
44Positive Score
5Negative Score
50Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8431 Very sexy a great body
0.8316 Looks good to me good luck
0.8204 Fucking gorgeous my goodness
0.8126 A perfect little as with some perfect tan lines
0.8074 Perfect I'd happily keep you company
0.7845 Itd be my pleasure to play with such a fine girl on her birthday
0.7845 Gorgeous hope to see more in the future
0.7783 How lovely someone should satisfy her
0.7553 So prefect looks like a wonderful large night snack
0.7506 My goodness you are sexy
0.7501 They look very nice don't be afraid to set them free

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4939 He destroyed that pink
-0.4767 Itd be an awful shame to forget a body that beautiful
-0.1779 What a nice round ass
-0.0516 After a night in that house I could die happy
-0.0094 Such a pretty little pussy and ass
0.0 Looks prefect know can't wait to see the after
0.0 What an incredible rack
0.0 They look heavy let me hold them for you
0.0 Chubby bunny has a new much sexier meaning
0.0 They look gray may I hold them for you?
0.0 I just wanna know how many licks it takes
0.0 I could eat