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0.9132 Trump barely won this district so amazing that she won by more and the Dimorats are still trying to spin it.
0.7482 I love this fucking timeline!!!!!!!
0.7351 Trump truly lives in their heads 24/7 rent free.
0.7269 A multi billion dollar corporation just blackmailed an Average Joe because he made fun of them and was lucky enough to get the POTUS to notice his work.
0.6948 Followed by him saying I'm so happy I can serve these 8 years as your President.
0.6801 They'll be the livestock that walks around in the background to give the play a more lively feel.
0.631 Pretty sure people in the rust belt and the rest of destroyed America don't give a fuck about false flags on the other side of the world.
0.6249 Yes he needs to stop playing nice with the GOP cucks.
0.6124 No because I take my Super Male Vitality.
0.5859 Another day another win

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-0.923 The system is so broken it takes Brain Cancer just to get these treacherous cunts potentially out of office.
-0.9022 Dehumanize other countries and then push for war because they're pure evil and we're moral crusaders.
-0.875 He just refuses to let Brain Cancer stop him form his wet dream of starting WW3 and killing millions of people.
-0.8591 The libtarded media will then attack him for using the word retard and frame him as attacking mentally handicapped people which when referring to self proclaimed journalist he kind of is.
-0.8555 RIP France death by suicide.
-0.85 Enough of this fear mongering how the USA has to focus on protecting countries who hate us that includes are so called European "Allies".
-0.8316 It shows how fucked our system is that they have to get Brain Cancer just for a chance of them getting out of office.
-0.8271 The poor guy probably feared for his life that some CNN viewer who shoot up his house.
-0.7964 Every CNN "journalist" needs to feel as terrified as this poor man did.
-0.765 No we wall it off and keep the cancer contained.
-0.765 Imagine a multi billion dollar company threatening to reveal who you are to their unhinged lunatic viewership.
-0.7506 Dumbfuck city primary voters once again vote for the establishment globalist cunts and then whine that nothing gets done.