/u/DanjintheDjinn is very positive!

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0.9488 well good leveling is actually 90% of a good mix :D Honestly Id say just leave it, if you think that it sounds better.
0.9421 thanks for your feedback fam :) really enjoy the vocal sample you used, sounds great and fits really well with the rest of the beat.
0.9274 agree with the others, but i think your beat would benefit from a better and clearer mix :)
0.9136 thanks alot for your feedback :) great suggestions definitely gonna work on the last part a bit more.
0.9042 Thanks bro appreciate the positive feedback :)
0.8934 haha thanks bruh glad you liked it
0.8832 thanks bro thats a huge compliment, i really appreciate it. Your track sounds really chill.
0.8824 thanks for your feedback :) your track seems thoroughly thought through, great composition and alot of variety.
0.8764 thanks really appreciate the positive feedback !
0.8748 panning on the melody is fucking amazing, leveling could be a bit better :)
0.8718 really good beat to freestyle over with the homies great track ;)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7579 damn crazy flow, sounds crazy dope.
-0.5574 Some very unique sounds and patterns in there, dope shit bro.
-0.5541 Im not sure if I should post this to sc, since the main synth is so repetitive.
-0.5423 weeeeeeell, literally cant point out anything bad.
-0.4588 honestly that shit is fire, reminds me very much of apollo brown.
-0.4522 dont really have major complaints.
-0.4404 Only thing i would maybe criticise is the soundselection, some of the sounds you used sound a bit generic.
-0.4201 Cant really complain.
-0.4201 Only thing I can really complain about is that the last bell note sounds a bit out of scale.
-0.4019 But the mix needs some more attention, especially the kick and snare, which dont really punch at all, also the hihats get a bit annoying after a while.
-0.4019 Also the kick sounds a bit too distorted for my taste.
-0.4019 only thing i would critizise is that the rather simple drum pattern gets a bit annoying after nearly 4 minutes, maybe switch it up a bit.