/u/Dangerdanedk is very positive!

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0.9607 I thank you for sharing and hope it wont be the last time you grand us such a glorious view of your gorgeous body ;)?
0.9578 And thanks for sharing this lovely picture of your gorgeous wonderful tits ;)
0.9186 You have a gorgeous voluptuous body and a set of lovely boobs I would love to caress
0.9169 Because I think she looks cute and gorgeous and I would like to see more of her :P
0.9008 She looks gorgeous and cute :D
0.8481 Lovely sexy view and I just think I found my next tribute target ;-)
0.8316 You have a lovely gorgeous pussy.
0.8271 I love a chubby girl like you ;-)
0.8268 Very sexy and such a gorgeous hairy pussy ;).
0.8176 They are perfect, they are a lovely size for her.
0.8176 I would love to play with those labia ;)

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-0.6808 Can't download, I get a redirect loop error :(
-0.6249 No pictures :(
-0.4767 Such a shame.
-0.4404 Unemployment insurance pays out around 18-19k
-0.3818 First the pussy and then the ass ;)
-0.3612 I am a sucker for garter and stockings ;)
-0.3612 I guess I will have to take out my wand and punish you ;)
-0.3412 With our taxes and every its not that good of a job really.
-0.3089 Can't wait to hopefully see more.
-0.2584 I wouldn't mind giving her a tribute ;).
-0.1779 Nice ass on her
-0.1779 Such a nice ass, its just asking for my load to be deposited on it