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0.8752 I hope the mask don't suck cause the rest is shite free to play mobile games developers
0.836 chances are for the mediocre ones bought dozen of free caches, got only crap stats this is just an easy game for no life addicts incompetents free to play mobile games developers
0.8331 good continue using your Police M4 then oh no something tells me the police version is not your favourite one btw, H&K and gas piston improved a lot the oudated AR-15 project
0.7906 DZ has the best PvE, lol DZ PvE is shit since 1.4 the only thing that makes it interesting is the risks created by other players you carebears will be ganked even if noobdevs make you immortal
0.7906 Nazis equip MG42, it's super effective against material too
0.7783 trash PvE talents and bonus want to be a butthurt?
0.7579 I'm sure they do, they also learn to play on youtube and always ask for an easier game
0.7269 lol at massive doing extra work for free
0.7096 while backpack skins are pointless like the patches backpack attachments would have been cool
0.6903 best source of PvP laughs when your opponent thinks to be unkillable and your main gun is an acog M1A not so happy feet want to improve?
0.6108 yea pretty stupid, they want addicts not creating content and rewards dedicated for every kind of player I can mow down a team of 4 but I'm not gonna no life tier 3 just for a mask

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9231 these losers want you to spend real money to acquire their shit cause their incompetence made season pass a majestic failure
-0.8402 80% of my DZ is hunting those groups alone and it's shit since the introduction of 7-9 running simulator GE not working in the DZ is just another stupid idea
-0.8074 from hunter to prey without shooting a single bullet that guy at 0:19 is screaming kill me
-0.7897 M1A needs 10% more damage and 20% more accuracy SVD 10% less ROF SCAR-H needs SVD damage and M1A stability and current accuracy
-0.7574 so no one asked you what you think about my comment too my PvP is about attacking teams alone so my PvE can't have shortcuts shield?
-0.6973 totally crippled players in pvp ganking!!!!!!!!!!!! DZ is shit now
-0.6908 the 2 pimples kill it
-0.6486 with a proper GS the LMB would have been dead before the blow
-0.6382 cause PvE is stupid easy and 1vs4 PvP not? I'm chilling while you look totally mad I don't even have to offend you just like in the game, I don't mess with noobs cause it's not fun
-0.6124 useless with no penalties
-0.605 we need new really challenging content not to play the same boring easy shit to make that shit even easier
-0.5994 it's no blasphemy to relate them to blind genome soldiers