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0.9127 Using Tixati as well, it has a bit of a learning curve but I love it =)
0.9062 I've had a hard time getting people to listen to this as well, but my best tip is to talk to your up-line and see if someone that's been in the business for a while can talk to your friends.
0.8883 Lol, I'm so gonna follow this thread! Good hunting for the perfect gun =)
0.8832 Awesome thought behind this! Will definitely try to remember to take pics some day =)
0.8814 If you really want something you have to get up and get it! I really hope you find the motivation to do this =)
0.8798 This is purely awesomeness! Thank you so much for sharing =D
0.876 Haha, I was pretty shocked as well =D
0.8669 If you know how to set up a server with uWSGI and Nginx it's really easy =) I like to have my own VPS that I can do whatever I want with.
0.8544 I haven't yet, been crazy busy with other stuff, but I will definitely try it next week =)
0.8402 I hope that my duct tape will work just as fine as well =)
0.8126 Would love to see some =)

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-0.8481 Wtf. No, but really. Wtf?
-0.6901 This is really fucked up..
-0.4576 Really annoying since I'm on the premium-plan to get offline-support..
-0.3875 Didn't know that =)
-0.3034 Inget pyramidspel, Vemma r ett MLM fretag vilket r helt lagligt jmfrt med ett pyramidspel. Tur att det r frivilligt att g s du slipper bry dig om vrat event ;)
-0.296 Is #3 a plane graveyard?
-0.25 Can confirm Source: I stutter, and sing
-0.2144 This isn't an answer to your problem, but may I suggest switching to Brunch instead.
-0.1316 For all those who doesn't want to be mediocre their whole life, do something about it!
0.0 D ligger Ryd vldigt nra, <10 minuters cykelvg.
0.0 Men som fler skrivit ovan s har det varit oroligt i ngot rs tid.
0.0 Smglin som frsker leka gng, riktiga gng som varit hr och hrjat etc.