/u/DUDE__LMAO is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 now he's their best friend and a useful tool to bash other minorities.
0.8442 east asians are pretty bro tier. Sounds like the ideal redditurd.
0.8271 freedom of peach rip in peace 1776 - 2015 too young ;_;
0.8011 But if she presents herself as a memer just like they are, well then maybe she's not so bad after all.
0.7845 On 4chan, people from /tv/, /pol/ and /v/ unironically praise fox news as "the last bastion of free speech against the sjw".
0.765 they can do just a partial one such that it becomes free, or even just try steroid creams to try to free the skin.
0.7269 lmao yeah i noticed this.
0.6705 Yes, lol, that's what we're talking about.
0.656 You are so brave.
0.6444 i wish 99% of redditurds were as honest as him, at least then we'd have to put up with less ad hoc bullshit and could address their true desires.
0.6222 Reddit always follows 4chan's conservative reactionary culture so I'm sure were going to start seeing posts like that here.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8658 Too bad redditurds hate the people fighting gender roles even more.
-0.8271 but the reasons for the protest are mostly bullshit.
-0.8225 Ellen Pao, through the months and months of exhaustive character assassination that Redditors have performed, is le eeeeevil FEmale SJW who came to Reddit to steal their memepoints and sperm.
-0.8225 it's hilarious, but also sad and scary.
-0.8225 considering how many racist, mindless redditurds are always accusing le eeevil sjw about "race baiting", you really can't get more of a "race baiting" thread than that.
-0.802 everything else is le evil libtard sjw lies.
-0.7906 Redditurds are mindless drones who believe that racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia aren't issues that need to be addressed.
-0.7845 Redditurds are mindless, racist, sexist drones...
-0.7783 No rational adult can look at Reddit's current temper tantrum and not think "wow, this is a website for bigoted misogynist teenagers."
-0.765 Has there ever been a less-interesting/more-childish political protest than Reddit's current anti-admin temper tantrum?
-0.765 hmmmm, I wonder if maybe redditurds are mindless sexist idiots who hate women?
-0.7579 it's frightening how dumb redditors are