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0.9449 I would also agree but hey man a hobby is a hobby, as long as you keep that area clean I don't see the problem haha nice collection!
0.9447 That's really awesome dude I love FFX and I'm glad you enjoyed the wallpaper
0.9229 Hey OP I really enjoy this song as well it's one of the best in the series imo, although I didn't enjoy the game as much the music still had me.
0.92 Thank you I would really appreciate if someone else could help me improve :)
0.9128 Thank you man I really appreciate the love and support from this sub, I posted this in r/FinalFantasy and the post got removed.
0.9124 I hope modders don't get too crazy with them either it would be awesome if they actually make huge improvements to the main game.
0.8952 Yeah I agree with you 100% this song is so nice and relaxing, it kind of has the same effect as Wandering Flame or even Phantoms.
0.8908 Yeah honestly is seems like it would be such an easy fix they could've implemented, I really enjoyed having 4 playable characters in battle.
0.8779 I truly respect speedrunners so much I can't believe he beat it in such a great time, meanwhile I'm spending all my time in the cloister trials..
0.8779 You and I both I love Final Fantasy XIII the cut scenes and themes that play through all of them is just simply amazing, Fang's theme is playing in this one.
0.8718 I honestly never know where to place them the most success is I've had is putting it at the entrance, any tips on how I can improve?

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-0.7425 Damn that so sick and I'm over here with only the strategy guide..
-0.7351 There are a ton of guides on YouTube on how to kill the tough mini-bosses in the Archlyte Steppe, they will give you the run down on Paradigm setups and general tactics.
-0.7276 There's so much wasted opportunities throughout the whole game which just really hurts, mainly because the development time for the game was cut to 3 years since they scrapped most of Versus XIII.
-0.7096 I never used Freya until the final boss, I didn't realize her dragoncrest move I forgot what it was called does insane damage.
-0.6646 I honestly wasn't expecting him to be the final boss fight I lost to him the first time and beat him the second, I didn't expect him to so hard :/
-0.631 I'm fairly new to the program and there aren't many tutorials online, I don't think there is but at the same time I could be wrong.
-0.6207 This game was so hard for me because I didn't know that the enemies scaled with level....
-0.6115 I'm thinking of things like the World of Ruin or even to let us explore more, a difficulty option the possibilities are endless.
-0.5943 I have no where else to share it with anyone if I don't do it here and it's not fair that they're limiting me to one post per week, that's a bit harsh.
-0.5574 That must be the worst feeling to be honest..
-0.5574 I died reading this hahahaha.
-0.4927 Damn that's hilarious I got so scared the first time it starts chasing you in Dollet.