/u/Cosmic_Bard is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 That's understandable, glad I could help. Feel free to come back someday if you'd like to show us the inside of your ass.
0.6923 We also have LSMs up here, Vespas and the like, not capable of exceeding 80KPH They're considered a special class of vehicle with a special license
0.6705 Um, pretty sure /r/treesgonemild is the sub you wanted I don't see what's wild about this.
0.6652 It's been packaged and sold but it used to be a bastion of free thought and expression
0.644 Sometimes you want reddit content that isn't spam Go fuck yourself, you spamming-ass karmawhore
0.6369 Best way to handle this is walk up to him and be the 'bigger enthusiast'.
0.6369 I only wish more people remembered what reddit used to be like.
0.5994 Yeah, he's gonna get lots of help.
0.5859 Frankly, it's amazing it held up this long after reddit became a capitalist endeavor
0.5574 Don't fucking presume to tell me how I should be with anything, you piece of shit If you cared enough to share this, you'll care enough to delete it now that you know what it represents
0.4939 Your save files are unaffected. Download a complete install which includes the DLC and go with that.

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-0.9052 It's a wasteful and shameful display that you force this shit on other people. Oh, and also OP is a giant reposting, karmawhoring bitch
-0.8576 They all look fucking dumb as hell.
-0.8555 Stop upvoting this you fucking sheep, this project is a disaster that is going to be terrible
-0.8439 You're a stupid piece of shit who doesn't understand how important individual frames are in a game like this and how unacceptable it is to be using a connection that just randomly drops packets
-0.8316 "Cosplay" No hypen. "Ren faire" No hyphen, silent 'e'. Also hey since I have the chance here, fuck your shitty RPGMaker game with the stock assets.
-0.8074 What the fuck is this bullshit, cockholster?
-0.7906 If you wanna take a stab at normalizing somebody who isn't, then you have a scary worldview.
-0.7904 The actual video is fifty times more cringy and WTF I mean you should probably just avoid this altogether since it's ancient and everybody has seen it
-0.7893 You don't "think"? So you steal this repost that everybody saw last month and then decline to do any looking into it because fuck it, you gotta have your karma. They're entirely automated.
-0.765 Get fucked shitclown, stop reposting
-0.7501 Begging for upvotes is against reddiquette and a shitty thing to do, spamwhore Also this video fucking sucks
-0.7178 No, so fuck off.