/u/CoolDShadows is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 14 year old me would be happy that I'm capable of growing a beard.
0.7644 Enjoying the series, thanks guys!
0.7351 He was one of my inspirations, so I always had a lot of respect for him .
0.7003 I think I'm funny, and I think you secretly think I'm funny.
0.6249 You did an awesome job.
0.4939 I'm from Minneosta, and was laughing so much because I can relate to this way too much.
0.4939 I have completed every guild, and had pretty much nothing to do.
0.4926 Keep up the good work!
0.4767 I was setting up for a band concert, and dropped one of the platforms on my friends bass guitar.
0.4588 My father told me this one back when I was in kindergarten, and it has been my favorite riddle ever since.
0.4404 I go and show friends and parents, and they are confused as well.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8858 In 8th grade I learned in history class that it was a terrorist attack, and was very confused.
-0.8625 When I was a little kid, I remember seeing a news report about a man getting pecked to death by a murder of them.
-0.8555 My mother says that that is nonsense, and nobody was killed by them for no reason.
-0.8271 Instead of the townspeople trying to kill *me*, they all attacked the guards.
-0.7906 I thought 9/11 was an accident for about 7 years, and I refused to go into an airplane because I thought it would crash.
-0.7263 I ended up getting a bounty of about 120,000 gold. Now, whenever a guard tries to arrest me, instead of getting the usual message, they tell me: "Stop, criminal!
-0.7184 It was assumed that somebody came in and damaged it for an unknown reason the night before, since it 'apparently' couldn't have happened on accident.
-0.7003 Your criminal exploits are well-known.
-0.6908 A beggar in Bravil asked me for a gold coin, and I decided that instead, I would kill her.
-0.6808 His death is also the first major celebrity death that I care for that I can remember (Carl Sagan and Mr.
-0.6597 Then, Blue and Yellow-Greenish lions and tigers were killing my family's Blue and Yellow-Greenish cows.
-0.6213 It may not be healthy, but I don't care.