/u/Consec_design is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 i once told a friend that teddy bears were real animals that were hunted to extinction because they were super cute.
0.8012 If this analogy helps: cold water sounds more like the bridge pickup on a guitar, and hot sounds more like the neck pickup.
0.659 What's so great about it?
0.5775 Getting out of hand???
0.5423 And the award for "most British comment" goes to...
0.5202 The bars in question: "Own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa On the microphone he flossed the ring "Super!" Average emcees is like a TV blooper MF DOOM, he's like D.B.
0.5023 not a rapper or an auctioneer, but it seem to me like there is an inherent physical component to speaking rhythmically, especially when doing quick, multisyllabic phrases.
0.4939 this is based off the hand movements of the auctioneers, which is oddly reminiscent of what rappers do with their hands .
0.4588 I'm fairly sure the liquid that is being poured in the promo video is a stout beer.
0.4019 such interesting K's he has
0.3818 she is the orangest woman alive

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-0.8213 And you can take this grim reminder home for the low low price of $10
-0.7351 Urge to rape this guy is reaching critical levels...
-0.7351 They banned the use of Lockers for fear that us middle schoolers would store drugs in them.
-0.7074 DATS RACIST!!!
-0.659 Chatty male performers e.g., Wesley Pipes is the fucking worst.
-0.6249 women with nose rings damn near put me in a coma. i blame the 90s
-0.6124 This led to me developing back problems from strapping 5 periods worth of books to my 90-100 pound frame all day for three miserable years.
-0.5719 This reminds me of one of the tenets of stoicism: Negative Visualization
-0.5719 Wtf did they think being on fire would be like?
-0.5719 Chaos reigns
-0.5574 Was expecting some jedi shit.
-0.5574 I take it you missed the whole "set yourself on fire" trend?