/u/CoffeeRain is very positive!

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0.9062 And I hope it's ok if I say at this point that you look amazing, congrats on your journey, too.
0.8402 I also love the R2D2 poster xD
0.8221 The panties are super sexy!
0.8176 I'd love to play with you ;)
0.802 And slow progress is better than no progress ;)
0.8014 Yes, it's not the typical hour glass shape that some women get when they work out a lot, but it's okay, it makes you different and that means more interesting.
0.7964 Love yourself and see the bright side.
0.7925 :D The doggy's cute too.<3
0.7906 And I like your smile a lot :)
0.784 Please, good people of reddit, someone who lives nearby adopt her, before I sell everything I have to get there and adopt her!
0.743 I am grateful for the internet, reddit and other honest platforms.

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-0.6808 This thought is what worries me a little and makes me feel insecure.
-0.6347 And it's really unfortunate that your boyfriend is not helping with this at all.
-0.5499 I would try to explain what I meant and in which way it's different from "Validate meee" but I fear you've chosen your side.
-0.4767 It's sad that we don't learn as children that bodies AND intimate body parts come in all shapes and sizes.
-0.4215 You've already recognized this, seeing the "perfect" image of breasts made you feel insecure.
-0.3832 We can't afford going to clubs yet and maybe we are a little scared too.
-0.3595 YOU are distracting me right now from studying!
-0.3252 They weren't as mature as we are.
-0.3182 The tease at the end...
-0.296 How could I say no?
-0.296 No, it's not
-0.2023 Idk, it's hard to describe what I mean, because everybody has got a different definition of fat and curvy.