/u/Claudiawithachanceof is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8858 And that's a pretty interesting article too, thank you so much for your help!
0.836 Your bunnies look amazing as well :)
0.8126 :) Thank you so much for your words, I truly appreaciate it.
0.8122 Love it, it's funny!
0.7989 This is so sweet :)
0.7959 It did help, this is great advice!
0.7841 [I'm very happy with my cardinal], bringer of good news.
0.765 I had some free time and this idea in mind, it was fun seeing how it turned out.
0.763 This looks really cute :)
0.763 Looks very cute :)
0.7614 This is really nice and creative!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 [Pure Evil is watching you]
-0.4767 Im terrible with watercolour.
0.0 [An island]
0.0 [My lipstick]
0.0 [A blue centipede]
0.0 [Flutterby]
0.0 http://imgur.com/S8nKmJV
0.0 [The wall]
0.0 What's her name?
0.0 [I drew some of my favourite subs]: /r/showerthoughts, /r/nosleep, /r/sketchdaily, /r/askreddit and /r/askscience
0.0 [Quick barber pole]
0.0 [Love potion]