/u/Cityplaytime is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8934 You are definitely beautiful and fuckable--they made a great choice.
0.8737 Really cute and sexy :)
0.8718 Great body + really cute and coy smile.
0.8439 Good riddance to them, and good luck to you!
0.836 Oh you bet :) thank you on behalf of humanity for the sexy pics.
0.8316 But I love the sophisticated doll you've been showing us lately.
0.8139 Cute and SEXY pics!
0.7906 Adorable wow
0.7836 Totally cute, hot, and talented!
0.7777 Congrats on the compliment!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 Saddest thing ever...or brimming with potential...
-0.5423 But mostly because it's just hot as fuck.
-0.4588 We're in South Florida, the most populous area in FL, and have similar frustrations.
-0.3182 You're two versions of the same trap?
-0.2422 OK, just came hard to your ass and toe shots.
-0.0572 "Gentle" is not what I want with you.
0.0 We'll take that bet.
0.0 Where and when and what's your level?
0.0 Do you really have to ask?!
0.0 So so so so so so cuuuute.
0.0 who is this
0.0 Everything!