/u/CityofTreez is a total dick!

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0.8689 But it's also absurd to encourage anybody you love to adventure into North Korea.
0.8478 Trying my luck! Good luck everybody.
0.7753 Just treat every player like they have down syndrome, that way you won't be disappointed when the MAUS on your team camps at base.
0.7424 Thanks champ!
0.7269 Had the pleasure of watching Stockton play his last game in the NBA during the 2003 playoffs in Sacramento.
0.6249 This was awesome.
0.6124 That kid would've gotten the shit kicked out of him at my elementary school.
0.5719 This is delicious.
0.5574 The real hero.
0.4588 One of my all time favorite NPC's.
0.4404 Good stuff.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.872 That bitch got her ass whooped and still wanted to fight some more.
-0.8591 Pathetic the enemy team lost that, especially as CT.
-0.8458 Too bad they didn't get the chance to interrogate & torture him.
-0.836 Cancer kills indiscriminately.
-0.8271 PTSD is some brutal shit.
-0.8268 Mother fuckers chewing with a mouth full of food, while simultaneously trying to carry on a conversation. Fuck everybody who does this!
-0.8225 Funny hearing him chastise other players for doing stupid shit.
-0.7783 That's because everybody in NYC is a miserable piece of shit.
-0.7351 She must suck a mean dick.
-0.7184 We deserve this for firing Klinsmann & rehiring the turd we already fired.
-0.7096 She should have to serve the same amount of time in jail that a rapist would.
-0.6908 What a miserable & lonely person.