/u/Cinnasticks is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8891 :D I thought it was pretty clever, myself!
0.8599 :D Yeah the Dracula history is some of my favorite!
0.8531 :D lol What would you like for a clone of your poke?
0.8236 :D It was fun!
0.8221 :) Enjoy your bat and sleep well!
0.8172 Glad you love him!
0.792 :D I appreciate it!
0.7865 :D Plus, you're 100% correct: it's funny.
0.784 Lol go ahead xD!
0.7804 :D I totes copied some parts from other people myself lol.
0.7798 :D Thank you for the trades!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 I hate Chuckie.
-0.5256 I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding.
-0.5106 :s I get bored a lot...
-0.4767 Don't let the nightmares attack.
-0.4003 Your bat dragon is sent, and ready to head up your armies of death!
-0.3412 I can't think of a good pokemon for a headless horseman giveaway...except a pony or somethin'.
-0.1511 DOH I didn't even check I'm sorry!
-0.1511 Sorry I spaced!
-0.1511 Sorry for the wait, there's a ton of people to send bats to!
-0.0772 Sorry again about the mixup.
0.0 It's mercantile based, Korvax space.
0.0 Omg the names of your pokemon!