/u/ChiTownGreek is very positive!

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0.9483 Ripping each other's clothes off is the best part of a great night/day/week/month..... Can't wait to see more, you truly are a beauty!
0.9393 I'd love to grope admire lick and pleasure those fantastic breasts.
0.9344 Love LOVE LOVE what's hiding behind the shirt!
0.9117 I'm just curious if I got what you need.... So far, you have shown some great ASSets, and I would love to see more of you!
0.899 I am so thankful for beautiful women like you!
0.8687 Thanks for sharing those lovely nipples!
0.8555 Thanks for sharing such a perfect nipple.
0.8439 What a great way to make me happy tonight!
0.8398 Great nipples, fantastic breasts!
0.8389 So HOT, thanks for sharing on your special day!
0.8346 Seeing those delicious nipples have me smiling from head to toe!!!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.703 Can't wait to play with that ass!
-0.68 Not saying your breasts wouldn't, but those full lips could do some damage!
-0.5952 So damn HOT HOT HOT!!!
-0.5707 Hell yeah you should post more!
-0.5423 I would fuck that cold out of you in a heart beat.
-0.5423 I would my face in that ass.
-0.5423 I'm a bad boy.
-0.5423 That's too bad.
-0.541 You are so damn HOT.
-0.5255 That is a shame!
-0.4926 Oh the dirty thoughts in my head right now!
-0.4574 Damn, you are making me really turned on right now!