/u/Championdablord is very positive!

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0.8598 You saved me more potential confusion down the road haha enjoy your shiny ray :)
0.8573 I wouldn't be able to redeem that code on my console, but if you redeem the Arceus and SR for Jolly nature I'd make a trade :)
0.8531 If the IV spread is that good I'd trade the Jolly and my last Adamant for it :P
0.8442 I'd still be interested in trading if you have a legit Hoopa of some kind :)
0.836 Thanks again, and I'll look through the rest of your spreadsheet when I get home haha honestly as soon as I saw that snorlax I knew
0.8221 :) http://i.imgur.com/fhfMZR2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/MiFCSA3.jpg BTW, Snorlax is my favorite pokemon, so having a comp/shiny is very cool for me.
0.7906 I'd trade you a Jolly or Adamant Shiny Ray for a Happy Meowth and an Arceus code?
0.7906 The Jolly shiny has perfect ATK-DEF-SPEED, and the Adamants I have left have HP-SPA-SPEED and DEF-SPA-SPEED
0.7712 I'll take the female, just thought I'd ask :p if you have both of those ready I'm ready whenever!
0.7579 Enjoy your Jolly Ray
0.7506 I have Jolly, Adamant, Serious, Brave.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7644 I wouldn't be able to download it so I'd need a redeem :/ no problem I understand!
-0.636 No problem!
-0.4767 I think I sent you the wrong one, I'm still online if you wanted to trade back for the naughty?
-0.4389 Cool no problem!
-0.4019 I'm having a connection error?
-0.34 You need to use ORAS because this Rayquaza has Dragon Ascent :/
-0.34 Nope, I don't see your requests or see you online :/
-0.2263 No problem man :)
-0.1511 Hey man I'm sorry!
-0.126 idk but it's working now!
-0.0772 Sorry for taking 10 years on this trade http://i.imgur.com/SBDJqB0.jpg
-0.0772 Serious and Docile, haven't checked IVs