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0.9262 Yes, in same height but 135lbs and a crewneck sweater in large fits me a bit oversized so I'm sure it would fit perfect on you since you weigh more than me
0.9062 Guerrilla-group actually makes a pretty cool pair of [shorts] that would fit the aesthetic pretty well.
0.9022 Lol that's awesome how all of berserk perfectly fits on one shelf
0.8773 I got their last champion tee in a small and it was pretty tight tight fitting so I'm definitely going medium for the T shirts if I cop one of those.
0.8744 Love this track so much, definitely one of my favorites from uyama hiroto
0.8591 Nice chill beat, I love tracks like these.
0.8414 Pretty standard tech fit can't really go wrong with it but imo I think lucid777 looks pretty tacky especially with the matching you have going on here between the hoodie and cap.
0.8402 I think overall the brand makes good quality stuff for pretty good prices, a step up from fast fashion brands.
0.836 Maybe they changed the fit of the newer qasas because I have a pretty narrow foot and they we still pretty tight in the toe box.
0.8316 Good luck bruh, lmk when u find it for a good price
0.8225 I am gonna pick up the 11's off the y3 store this week tho for sure cuz they're on sale and hopefully those fit well.

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-0.5409 Saucony has a couple good shoes but most of the shoes they're putting out aren't too great.
-0.4969 I'm considering getting one of their outerwear but I'm in between a small and a medium so I'm worried of it either being too form fitting or too baggy.
-0.379 Nah I just held off on getting the 11's cuz shipping the lux back to endclothing for the return cost a shit ton so I didn't want to risk the 11's being too big and having to return those as well.
-0.3182 However, the rest of the shoe felt a bit loose .
-0.2755 The acronym shoes don't fit the vibe of the needles piece imo.
-0.2411 I'm 5'10 tho not sure if I'd be too tall
-0.1779 Ayy vagabond, that's some good shit right there
-0.1761 I'm talking mostly about the pants because as i'm browsing yahoo japan and various japanese web stores it's very hard trying to figure out what size I am.
-0.1695 I wouldn't be that surprised.
-0.1406 Not some chain like fleet fleet or some shit but more of a mom and pop type store.
-0.1316 Even if you have no knowledge of Japanese like me, you can usually tell if the subs completely mistranslate something or if they don't flow well and make sense.
-0.128 You should probably mark the price of the one piece set a bit lower because you can buy volumes 1-70 on Amazon brand new for $435, which includes the box sets and the extras that come with them