/u/CelinaRoman is very positive!

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0.8999 :D)) Im gonna go with favorite bookJane Eyre.<3 Its so beautiful. 24. What was your favorite Cartoon as a kid?
0.8916 Honestly I feel like I just want to run away from responsibility and I don't want to regret it because he's really good for me and the person I am right now.
0.8718 Nice hair, I love bold reds!:)
0.8573 No idea if its just me but it feels so dreary.:( 2. What do you like best about spring?
0.8439 Looks amazing gorgeous!
0.8402 Lmao whatever the reason it looks awesome.
0.8248 It looks awesome for sure, but makeup can be such a fun hobby when you don't force.
0.8189 The pink gold combo is very unique and the colors work so well together.<3 Also, I'm in love with your septum I can't wait to get one!!
0.8172 I tried the OCM in the past and baby oil broke me out like crazy, so I don't think this is my solution but thanks for the help!
0.8122 I just joined, and I love how welcoming everyone has been! 16. What is one of your Holy Grail makeup items?
0.802 Thank you!^^ It's so exciting!

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-0.722 Wow you too!:D Usually people think I'm nuts but it was a freaky animation...awesome but freaky.
-0.5423 Oily lids are a curse.
-0.5267 If these feelings are something I'll just get over, why hurt him?
-0.5267 It has nothing to do with my biological father that's disgusting to think about.
-0.4868 When I blow my nose I push my clicker jewelry forward instead, so that it's above the tissue not under it so no boogers can get on it!
-0.4404 I'm tired of dealing with my long hair, especially since dying it's been unmanageable.
-0.4215 If you don't mind my asking, do you regret leaving your gf?
-0.4019 Urban Decay.
-0.3595 The big cuts are always nerve wrecking!
-0.357 LavenderI just cant get into it. 10. What is you least favorite eyeshadow color?
-0.357 The shadows.<3 19. What is your least favorite makeup brand?
-0.3412 Least fave?