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0.9129 Information would be totally free, in every sense of the word. As audacious as the plan sounds, to me, that sounds really fricking amazing and is inspiring as a wannabe software developer.
0.8832 Did you pick the API you wanted first or just thought a synonym-finder would be useful? Regardless, great work and I look forward to seeing all your other neat projects!
0.8718 But I'm adding this to the list of planned updates, great idea and I'm glad you like the app!
0.8591 Haha thanks for the laugh, you just made my day.
0.8588 `npm start` to have a new Firefox browser opened w/ Notes running If you have any questions feel free to ask away, hope this helps!
0.8519 Love all your front end codepens/examples, keep up the great work
0.8439 Glad you liked it :) Exactly!
0.8398 And I'd love to see the final result, please share once you're done!
0.8225 i live with my gf's family, i feel valued when my gf's mom asks me to help her use the printer haha
0.8122 Wow, this is really impressive.
0.807 Great suggestions and thanks for your feedback, I'll see what I can do!

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-0.6202 It's not that the CB approach was wrong, I just wasn't sure how to actually add it to the scene/stage.
-0.6124 His initial comment was something along the lines of "you're a douchebag anyways for congratulating yourself."
-0.5472 Is this not true or did I missing something?
-0.4478 I've signed up for a couple, but the first times I couldn't make myself go since I didn't have a team and I am awfully shy.
-0.4197 Been doing my own social "marketing" but I realized I don't have many friends on FB and twitter to actually reach out to :( Congrats on the app btw, what is it? **EDIT:** is it VIER?
-0.3597 If so, then there's really no difference.
-0.296 "You can live here for one year no rent."
-0.296 As for my own thoughts, I have no idea what the next big thing will be.
-0.1505 I'm not quite sure what you mean but I think it's possible.
-0.1441 Upset I can't change it :/
-0.1232 I'm not usually a big fan of puzzle games but this one is really intriguing.
-0.0541 That's just my thoughts, would love to hear what others think. **P.S.** I don't agree with the author of that article calling Richard's idea for "a new internet" a dumb idea.