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0.9561 Again thank to everyone here you are all great people and good luck to all of you as well :D
0.946 Oh well fair enough than, I can just say this is the first time I have heard of this but thanks for the helpful info :D
0.9423 thanks guys for being amazingly motivating :D just a reminder why i love this subreddit
0.9341 Thank you guys I keep checking your guys responses and they are just making me smile for how supportive you guys are :D thank you again I'm excited to start this journey.
0.9324 Even before you lost the weight you were very attractive but now your absolutely gorgeous congrats!!
0.9316 I love to cook, and honestly im so excited to experiment with this all new style of cooking :D
0.9244 Its good but I'm looking for more of a character or logo not really word play effect if you know what i mean :P but i do appreciate the work and effort :D
0.9021 Pretty much this^ but I want to say they I don't usually do rare sets I go blues or greens just so I don't spend as much gold so you can save up for better gear when you hit 80.
0.9008 Im happy you enjoyed it :D and im going to have to try your version too.
0.8902 well if you would use that meat for taco meat then yes :D cause thats the seasoning mix i made cause store bought has carbs in it lol but yes it should be fine.
0.8561 Yes I was going to contact them :D but I wanted to access the infinite knowledge of Reddit to see if it was even worth trying lol

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-0.7814 I understand that sugar is bad, but for the mean time i don't think a glass of diet soda is going to hurt right?
-0.7591 Cause I just tried it with my mask with an exotic and it was still soul bound :/ so i wasted 5g...
-0.6841 TECHNICIAN I Am Wholeheartedly In LIFE And In DEATH
-0.5574 Whats up with the Guild Wars 2 wallpaper?
-0.4767 [Unless I read that wrong :/]
-0.4754 so ill still be able to get the achievement points on my gw2 account?
-0.4391 Sorry this site makes me very skeptical about what people say and how they say it.
-0.3612 The dough wills tart resisting and sliding back toward the center after a minute off this; stop dimpling at that point.
-0.34 So if I got a higher resistance coil it should fire?
-0.3252 I didn't expect that lol
-0.296 Lower the oven temperature to 450F and bake for 12 minutes.
-0.2732 We will disregard this offer and not move forward with a response.