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0.9231 Considering we caused many of them, yes. If you want to use Christianity for your own political ends, you best be prepared to love thy neighbor.
0.8074 Oh, goodness, I certainly hope so. Team Trump gonna be in for a wake-up call.
0.7871 That's a source, dude, but great "call"!
0.7859 Well, then, perhaps we should have system where people beyond the rich can afford treatment for little things like "skin rashes".
0.7783 Society holds women to different standards than men, yes. Women certainly contribute to that, yes.
0.752 I'm not sure if he played college level basketball but he certainly played tennis and golf throughout college and beyond.
0.7351 We diligently gather evidence through the police and we represent both sides to the best of our abilities in court.
0.7289 She won a percentage that isn't terribly different from Obama's win yet no one is calling him terrible or lacking in charisma.
0.716 Surely you can't hit him or push him away since it's not an assault, right?
0.7147 Yet, they won. Clinton didn't lose because she's 'crooked'.
0.6705 This guy has captured the grace and dignity of Obama.

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-0.9337 Remember a girl who accused Trump of raping her while underage had to drop the complaint because of death threats. Classy folks, these deplorables.
-0.8591 So we build a wall and let those bitches get raped on the other side?
-0.8442 I'm sick of those who insist that misogyny is fake or has no impact on the real world like in Clinton's defeat.
-0.8402 Romney went to the press to attack Obama over Benghazi, while the fighting in Benghazi was on-going. If someone is lying here, it ain't me.
-0.8054 For some bizarre reason, Clinton's loss is completely on Clinton but Sanders loss to Clinton isn't his fault at all because there was cheating.
-0.7876 I prefer "Cheeto Benito" but the rest is dead on.
-0.7469 They've removed everything but Jesus' birth and death from their religion.
-0.7096 Not only that, but we flat-out know that she faced cheating and Russian interference, possibly including the EC.
-0.6705 You're confusing "Russian cheating" with "charisma".
-0.6597 That's what I mean by "it's a loss either way" and why should I care about you getting your rights when you have no problem selling me out? You keep avoiding the questions.
-0.6369 Jesus *hated* healing the sick and helping the poor. It was all "tax-savings" and "10x the nukes" with ol' Supply-Side Jesus...
-0.6222 Trump's ego can't handle the PV loss so he lies to excuse it. This is what you said: