/u/Camo92 is very positive!

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0.8677 2.14am a month after you posted this so Im sorry for such a late reply but good morning from my part of Australia to yours. Dont mind me Im going through all of your amazing pics
0.7964 Id love to have a lick and see if it tastes as good as it looks.
0.7712 Beautiful smile!
0.765 I love giving them.
0.7579 I would love one please.
0.7506 You've got such a beautiful smile
0.743 You have such an amazing smile
0.7351 That looks like a perfect little pussy.
0.7065 That pussy looks so amazing.
0.7065 You are so amazing
0.7003 Looking good. Hope To see more from you

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-0.6453 Well he made a very stupid mistake didn't he?
-0.5994 I have no problem with it
-0.2481 Lucky bastard!
-0.2263 You have a stunning ass babe
-0.1759 I've got something that's as hard as stone after seeing this pic!
-0.1027 They get me rock hard
0.0 Red first then black
0.0 Oh youre hot!
0.0 First time Ive heard it and Im Aussie.
0.0 How are you a virgin?
0.0 The colour of your skin
0.0 Cant wait to see more!