/u/Callomium is kind of a dick.

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0.9186 He'll be a good fit there. Hopefully GB West can hire someone fairly quickly though as a lot of the best premium content on the West coast has been Dan-centric and that will be a huge miss.
0.7543 Not the greatest of starts but it's good to have club football back.
0.6808 Interested to see the team that ended the match against better opposition.
0.6597 Well at least they're having fun.
0.6588 Great news!
0.6433 Not convinced that he gives the yellow without the Giroud reaction and the crowd noise, not exactly a wrong call though.
0.6249 Wish we could play Villa every week
0.5719 Fair play to the guy.
0.5574 How many free headers does the guy want
0.5574 Fantastic up until he has to make the final pass/shot.
0.5423 Lacking passing options going forward while being cut open fairly easily on the counter, pretty baffling.

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-0.8271 At least acknowledge the poor fucks that travelled all the way down to witness that mess.
-0.8211 Don't know what Guidolin is meant to do about the calamity that lead to the penalty and the extremely poor misses by van der Hoorn and Borja.
-0.8126 Half our attack look dead on their feet.
-0.7096 Not sure I understand what Mata is supposed to do on the wing both offensively or defensively, just seems a waste all round
-0.6486 No link at all between midfield and attack.
-0.6249 Guus Hiddink has the worst game management I've seen in years.
-0.6115 Absolutely pathetic.
-0.6113 Kante and Matic were so poor on the ball in the first half and Fabregas was only on the pitch a few minutes before we went down to 10.
-0.5984 Fucking idiotic foul by Mikel in the first half.
-0.5829 really is bad for me so far.